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A peer-to-peer market for buying and selling decentralized, Digital Currencies. Wall of Coins directly connects buyers and sellers in a manner that is intelligent, trustworthy, and secure.

About Our Deposit Addresses

In the interest of full transparency, all Wall of Coins deposit addresses are stored on this secure, separate server. We believe that all cryptocurrency markets should do this, so we are taking the lead. Wall of Coins' creators, Genitrust, Inc, will forever adhere to this policy, as it is simply the Bitcoin way: full transparency and entirely peer-to-peer. As the entire internet is currently not 100% peer-to-peer, we will do what we can to keep Wall of Coins, and its services such as the Index of Deposits, as peer-to-peer as possible.

Use this website to verify the authenticity of any deposit addresses supplied to you by Wall of Coins. This website is on a completely different server, and all you have to do to find and verify the authenticity of a deposit address is search this single-page website.

Robert Genito
CEO Genitrust, Inc.

GPG Verification

Our GPG keys are hosted on a separate web server. Both the Wall of Coins company GPG key and our CEO's GPG key are used to sign the Index of Deposits. You may download the public GPG keys to verify the authenticity of our deposit addresses here:


Index of Deposit Addresses

For easy access to copy and paste our GPG signed messages, you can download them from the links below. When verifying these keys, please be absolutely positive that the files are still served on this site's exact domain.